A food tour is a priority for us when we visit a destination for more than a few days. We scheduled it early in our stay so we can return to our favorite places before we leave. In Madrid, we signed up for two – one during the day, the other at night – both offered by Devour Tours, a growing and well-reviewed company now in many cities around Europe.
We learned about Devour via YouTube videos with the company’s food-loving co-founder James Blick. Blick, who hails from New Zealand, also posts entertaining and informative videos about life and travel in Spain that he produces with his Spanish-born wife Yolanda Martin. We highly recommend binge viewing on their site, Spain Revealed, if you’re on a trip here. Also, Devour Tours maintains an informative website ( packed with insider information about where to go and what to eat in Madrid.
A great food tour is a far cry from just eating and drinking. Food is intertwined with history and culture, so you won’t know Madrid, or any other destination, without knowing its food. Our guides were insiders who had a passion not only for food and drink but also for the history and lore of the place they call home. At each stop, they shared stories a casual diner would miss if wandering on their own. Like the nondescript door where nuns answer a bell and sell homemade cookies. Or the tapas bar Hemingway frequented. Or the reason squid sandwiches are a Madrid favorite.
The following are some highlights of our most excellent Devour Tours in Madrid. CLICK THE IMAGE TO READ THE STORY