Our Last Lunch in San Sebastian: Geralds Bar

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ur last wonderful lunch in San Sebastian was at Geralds Bar, the same friendly place where we enjoyed our first meal on this visit. As much as we love pintxos bars and fine Basque restaurants, sometimes we need a break. Geralds offers just that — delicious international comfort food perfectly prepared with the best local fresh products. And they offer an excellent selection of wines in the $20-a-bottle range. Our menu del Dia included a braised quail with leeks – warming and delicious on a rainy spring day. A perfect ending to our San Sebastian adventure.

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Basque Country Bliss: San Sebastian

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San Sebastian’s magic lies in its Basque soul–a vibrant cultural tapestry woven from centuries-old traditions and fiercely independent. The Basque Country boasts a rich cultural heritage, a language spoken nowhere else on earth, and a deep connection to its rugged coastline. This spirit infuses everything, from the colorful fishing villages clinging to cliffs to the world-renowned cuisine.